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Septic System Installation

We provide installations for home owners, commercial application, a wide variety of resort projects, recreational waterfront properties and remote locations. Our company policy requires that all installers must confirm that they have been issued your B.C One dig documentation before starting. The site supervisor will confirm the location of all utilities above and below ground before the start the project.

System Options:
What are You Expecting Your Site to Look Like After We are Finished

You can choose from several options for your finished project. For example, to reduce the cost of material and labor, do you require the finished project to be machine graded to finish?  Or do you require topsoil that is hand raked with lawn seed, or maybe you're interested in turf? We can review these options with you during our preliminary discussions.

Additional Information:

Our installation experts are respectful and courteous, and take your schedule, availability, and needs into consideration.

Staff will openly communicate with you during your project. If you require changes, we will discuss them with you and work within the allowable design parameters.

  • How you would like us to access your property? 
  • Possible disruption during excavation.
  • Areas you would like us to leave untouched such as trees, plants, shrubs, and fences.
  • Communication during the project.



Installation Pricing

Pricing cannot be accurately estimated over the phone or without us doing a preliminary site assessment. Your site's soil conditions determine the type of septic system that can be installed into your site and the size of the system is based on the livable square footage of your home combined with the amount of bedrooms. It is the industry standard and a requirement that practitioners, do a site specific assessment for each project to ensure that they are proposing the correct system design and estimating an accurate cost proposal, based on the appropriate soil and site conditions.